Joining BCA is easy! Follow the steps outlined on the BCA Website by clicking HERE

Membership Application Process:

All Applications for Membership are considered, accepted or rejected at the quarterly meeting of the Division in which you reside. BCA has delegated to the Divisions the authority to make all decisions for membership applicants in their respective territories.

All applicants for membership MUST be sponsored by a current BCA member. If you do not know a current BCA member, you are encouraged to become involved with a local bulldog club. For the name and location of a local bulldog club in your area, please Click Here.

If you have discussed your interest with a current BCA member and they have agreed to sponsor you into our membership, please follow the steps below.

Step One: 
You can open a fillable .PDF Membership form on your browser by clicking HERE.  

Step Two:
Click on the area for the required text and enter your information.  Save the form to your computer by right clicking on the PDF and saving the file.

Step Three:
Print it out in triplicate (3 copies), Sign all three (3) copies and have your sponsor sign all three (3) copies.

Step Four:  
Mail all three (3) completed and signed copies of the application, along with your dues payment, to the Division Secretary.

Foreign applicants should mail the application to the Division Secretary of your Sponsor’s Division. (Membership dues are $30 per domestic member with a $10 surcharge for foreign members. There is an additional mailing fee for members living outside the US: $5 for Canada and Mexico; $25 elsewhere.)

Step Five: 
Your completed applications will be submitted to your BCA Division Board for its consideration at its next quarterly meeting.  If your three (3) applications, signed by you and your sponsor, are not submitted with payment, it may cause delay or rejection of your membership. You will be notified of the action taken on your application by the Secretary of your Division.

Once approved, you will receive copies of the Club’s publication “The Bulldogger,” receive login access to the member pages on the website, be eligible to vote in BCA elections and hold Local and National BCA offices.

Please note:  All memberships become due on January 1 each year.  If you join anytime after January 1st you will receive all  “The Bulldogger” magazines for the entire year even if you join later in the year.

If you would like to meet our members you are welcome to come to our meetings and attend our shows. Meetings are usually held in conjunction with Division III Shows.