Membership Dues for BCA and signed membership forms (which includes the BCA Code of Ethics on the back) as well as a check of $35 per US membership must be received by Bonnie by January 31.  Club regulations will not allow for extension of the renewal deadline.  If you miss the deadline, you’ll need to reapply for membership as a new member!

logoDivision III is the host of the 2019 BCA National Show.

Leave your Heart in San Francisco!


The Bulldog Club of America is administratively divided into geographic Divisions to carry out the business of the club locally throughout the country.   Each Division consists of a suitable groupings of states.

Division III States Hawaii, California, Arizona, Nevada

Each Division conducts the affairs of the Club in its territory through a member-elected Division Board of Governors, consisting of members residing in the Division. The Board is made up of Division Officers (President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer) and Governors-at-Large. Local Clubs may be members of a Division, but they are not formally within the structure of BCA.

When you join the BCA, your membership is voted on by the Board of your Division.  Once approved you are then a member of the BCA and of your Division. If you join a local club, you become a member of that club, but not a member of BCA.